Charging for DAY USE be for a maximum of 6 hours between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours. It does not include breakfast.

The Early Check In and Late Check Out will as long as the Hotel has the necessary availability, otherwise it will respect the hours of entry and exit.

In the case of Early Check In if it is between 05:00 hours until 11:00 hours 50% of the fee will be charged.

In case of Late Check Out is until 19:00 hours 50% of the fee will be charged, after 19:00 hours full fee will be charged.


According to the DL 919 can exempt 18% of IGV of accommodation and basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and box lunch) Passengers who present at the reception their original foreign passports, duly stamped by migrations and the Andean Migration Card with maximum stay in the country for 60 days. We do not accept the submission of photocopies of passports.

In the case of passengers Peruvian residents in the country will be necessary to present their original passport and residence visa in another country. In the event that the passenger does not submit the required documents or that the seals are not legible, we will charge 18% VAT.

In cases of shared room, if one of the passengers did not qualify to be exempt from IGV whole room will affect the tax.

The NO SHOW will be charged with VAT and services.

If you request a reservation 48 hours prior to the date of admission, it will be confirmed without cancellation option, upon payment of 100% of the reservation. Occur no-show or cancellation, no refund.


Reservations made within 15 days before the date of entry of passengers, will have up to 48 hours after the reservation request to cancel without penalty.

In case of no show the value of the night with IGV and services billed.

In the event that for reasons beyond the individual and / or group could not enter the hotel on the scheduled date, no penalty will be charged as long as the undertaking concerned request entry for another day after the scheduled date, whether the same passengers and would be conditional on the availability of hotel rooms had.

If a group or individual reservation that was confirmed by more than 01 night did not arrive as scheduled, causing the no-show, 100% of the total stay will be charged with the sales tax and the reserve would be automatically canceled. (Without a claim and no option to use at night)

Any cancellation must be written response from our compliance, otherwise is invalid.


In case of cancellation of accommodation reservations pre-paid food and / or: do not come refunds, leaving the amount deposited to be applied to future bookings.